Kadans 25
The company Kadans Ltd. was the first in Bulgaria to acquire and put into practice the technology of vacuum bagging for casting hulls. This means that our yachts are lighter by 30%, which translates as 30% less engine power needed and 30% lower fuel consumption. This is the most environment-friendly technology. Compared to the rest, it gives 57% less harmful emissions during casting. The outlay of materials is lower by 60%, which determines the low price of the finished product. The sandwich technology we use results in a 50% improvement of the strength qualities of the end product. The yachts need no additional reinforcing, which would increase their weight by approximately 15%. We use only top quality materials from leading American and Swiss companies for our production.

Kadans Ltd. is representative of Steyr-Motors for Bulgaria.
For many years, Steyr has been a byword for an immortal engine in Bulgaria. Counting on the common rail technology, Steyr-Motors have developed a new series of engines that keep up with the traditional name of the company. They enable our yachts to consume only 18 litres of fuel per hour at speed of 25 knots, and at the maximum speed of 40 knots the fuel consumption is only 44 litres per hour. Owing to the new technologies of the company, a 250 hp engine weighs only 352 kg. The steering system of the yachts is provided with a hydraulic booster, which gives them excellent handling, and manoeuvring requires no physical effort. The engines come equipped with stern drives (MerCruiser Bravo III duo propåler), giving the opportunity for optimal utilisation of the engine power.